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Root Canal

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Root Canal

Frequently Asked Questions

In Greek, endo means “inside” and ondont means “tooth—this branch of dentistry deals with the inside of the tooth. An endodontist typically performs root canals.

Knowing the anatomy of the tooth helps with the understanding of endodontics. The pulp is the soft tissue under the white enamel and the dentin, a hard layer. As the tooth develops, blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue in the pulp help build its hard tissues. Because a mature tooth is nourished by the surrounding tissues, it can survive without the pulp

After we remove the inflamed or infected pulp, we carefully clean and shape the inside of the canal, then fill and seal the space. Afterwards, you’ll return to your dentist for a crown or other restoration to protect and restore your tooth to full function. After this, your tooth functions normally.
With our years of experience and state of the art technology, we aim for procedures that are comfortable and pain-free. “While we use anesthetic to numb the area as we work, your tooth may be sensitive for a few days. Many patients report that having a root canal is no more painful than getting a filling.”
While a lot of people worry about root canals as a painful dental procedure, patients who had it done report that it just feels like a routine tooth filling. What is more painful is the agony experienced by the patients who tend to delay his or her dental consult. The procedure is pretty much painless.


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